In early 2008, a little blog was launched. The topic? Women’s professional wrestling. My friend Melanie and I had been wrestling fans for years, more concerned about what the women were doing on their 3% of television airtime than what the men were doing with the 97% of theirs. We noticed a lack of sites that focused on what the women were doing, and it turns out that there was a big audience for it: in the 10 + years since our launch, Diva Dirt has grown to heights of over 1.5 million page views per month and over 115,000 followers on Twitter.

In those years, we also built strong ties with the wrestlers, many telling us that they were fans of the site. They appreciated that there was a place that focused on their side of the industry, making them aware of how many people truly cared about the improvement of the status of women in wrestling. So, not only did we satisfy a big need in the audience, we delivered something the women’s wrestlers themselves were looking for. From five-minute matches in 2008 to the first-ever women’s Royal Rumble match in 2018, I’d say cultivating a space for women’s wrestling fans to voice their support helped make a dent.

Diva Dirt’s readers are passionate, as proven by the two times its logo has shown up on WWE television:

In June 2013 I was promoted to Editor-in-Chief, taking over just in time to launch a brand new look for the site and switch to a faster-paced style of content. Since making the change, Diva Dirt developed a readership that consistently brought the comment count on posts to triple digits.

In April 2016, I stepped down from my position to focus on Diva Dirt’s sister site, ClickWrestle.

In my role as Editor-in-Chief, my day-to-day duties included but were not limited to:

  • Managing a volunteer staff of 9.
  • Editing posts.
  • Writing match reviews and weekly features.
  • Reporting on the latest news.
  • Managing our Twitter account (105k+ followers), Facebook page (9,000+ likes) and YouTube channel (38,000+ subscribers). (Note: Numbers reflect the figures as they stood when I left my position.)
  • Producing podcasts and audio interviews with women’s wrestlers (including WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus not once, but twice).
  • Helping create our own award (the Diva Dirt Legacy Award).
  • Producing original web series featuring various women wrestlers.
  • Helping promote the E! reality series Total Divas, on which one of my articles made an on-screen appearance.

You can read what I’ve written on Diva Dirt by clicking here.